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Outsourced Service Customer Care Center
In-Store Dialer Installation & Process Implementation
plus travel for 3 days

“If your BDC Rep doesn’t make 400-500 calls a day and talking to 100 plus people a day something’s wrong!!!”

Turbo Charge your Stores Sales and Service appointment volume with Increase Your Leads by leveraging technology to boost productivity, control expenses, and increase revenue. Let’s take a closer look at how the Our Service & Software can help your company meet its goals with minimal effort and expense: -

  • Low operating costs and high return on investment
  • Automatically transfers the call to the agent when the call is answered, a voice message is completed, or a caller presses the key designated for live assistance
  • Ability to automatically hang up on busy signals, no answers, and answering machines
  • Records conversations for agent evaluations and quality control
  • Automatically transfers on-screen account information to the agent with the call
  • Integrates with Windows-based applications and databases
  • Includes management reporting to provide statistical data on active vs. idle time and more
  • Increased Agent Productivity

When efficiency experts took a look at a typical call center, the statistics for outbound calls were shocking. Can you believe that 45 minutes out of every hour was wasted as call agents waited for dial tones, waited for the phone to ring, and frequently received a busy signal, an answering machine, or no answer at all for their efforts?

On average, each agent only spent 15 out of every 60 minutes talking to their intended target. Manual Dialing. 15 Minutes Talk Time VS 45 Minutes Dead Time. Once Increase Your Leads implemented our services to manage the dead time involved with an outbound call center, productivity went up by as much as 300% in most cases. Suddenly, agents were spending 48 minutes or more actually speaking to customers. As a result, payroll expenses were decreased while inbound/outbound revenue increased dramatically.

When you compare the benefits to the cost of this affordable service the decision to use Increase Your Leads is an easy one to make. Predictive dialing. 48 Minutes Talk Time vs 12 Minutes Dialing Time. User-Friendly and Intuitive Of course, it’s hard to increase productivity when you install a product that’s extremely difficult to use. Suddenly, your call time drops because your agents don’t understand the basic process, and the few that did catch on are spending all of their time helping their coworkers.

With our services m, this will never be a problem. We come to you... and we train and install. Cost-Effective and Budget-Friendly When you compare the affordable cost of your current expenses to the amount of money you will save by taking advantage of our program, deciding to add this new tool to your program is a smart business decision. In addition to reducing expenses, our services also increases your revenue by increasing sales and service to improve your cash flow.

Our programs make it possible for your call agents to work from anywhere including their home. With this choice, you can further reduce your expenses by minimizing office overhead. Even if you don’t allow your employees to telecommute on a daily basis, it can benefit both your staff and your operation if call agents can work from home in the event of bad weather or a natural disaster.

No Hardware or Extra Phone Lines Required because our program leverages the strength of VoIP technology, your existing PCs and broadband capabilities is used by our Software to activate telemarketing calls. In addition to your Internet connection, you will need to supply your employees with USB headsets, but you won’t need any additional hardware or landline phone lines.

To learn more about the Our Services, contact us today by filling out this form. One of our telecommunication experts will provide all of the information you need to get started right away. 100 Contacts daily in 8 hour work day No more active leads without contact in months No more missed opportunities that you call 3-4 months later and after talking to 112 in a day, to see the activity needed to make contact wasn’t completed and 45 of them bought elsewhere...

No Cherry Picking Auto messages on answering machines No lead discrimination Quantifiable accountability 6 Visits - 3 Day in-house Training sessions each session $6,000 plus travel includes; implementation, what to say, how to use ... we will work hand in hand with your BDR’s, CRM’s DMS’s Equity Tools Schedulers and show your staff how to talk to 100 people a day instead of the national average of 30 along with what to say allowing a more flexible solid scheduled VIP appointment ... Continued Dialer & Process support with 3 dialers per month $2495

How is your Service Department performing?

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How is your Service Department performing?

Shouldn’t we strive to increase retention both in Sales and Service?

Imagine if sales and service volume went up another 15-20%, $500 higher in gross per car sold, plus 20% more in labor per RO ! What would your bottom line look like then?

We can assist you and together we can get it done. Sales departments retain only 25-40% of gross on an average, good stores 50%. Since Service and Parts is where all the gross retention is, shouldn’t we strive to increase retention both in Sales and Service? If we lose them in service, chances are we lose them in sales. Retention gross in service is around 75-85% Parts Gross is 92%-93%.

Benefits of Inhouse VS Outsourced

ISSUE - 5 customers call in to make an appointment, only 2-3 receptionists available to take calls (typically 1); who are managing check ins, cash register, car rental, scheduling appointments, taking all other calls. Now 6 Advisors and 12 appointments show up at the same time but there is no one to answer the calls, schedule the appointments, confirm appointments, call missed appointments and so many other things to handle.

FIX - Sales$Service room is full of professionally trained experts located in Omaha, NE, USA and we would love to be able to answer your inbound opportunities when you can't make those outbound calls and hence we increase your company RO/Sales Opportunities.

INHOUSE Rep making $30,000 actually costs $44,000

OUTSOURCE Rep making $30,000 actually costs $30,000

Paying your people $13 per hour actually costs $21.15 per hour; add $13 hourly, taxes, workers comp, health insurance, now add equipment, office space, management, professional training, time off, sick days, rehiring, retraining etc.

And we haven't even talked about all the missed service/sales opportunities...$1 million a year!!!


Show Ratio? Service to Sales? Buyback? Exchange? Conquest? Confirmation Call? Missed Appt Call?

"$1 up to $5.16 million yearly increase with partnering with Sales To Service!!!"



We implement the Sales to Service change in your company. Managing change and integrating services even further in Sales to Service.
Number #1
Number #1

First, we provide a first class service to your customers who call and wanting to do business with your dealership. We assure that no call will go unanswered.

Number #2
Number #2

Second, we will increase your show ratio up over 90% thereby increasing your RO count. Service confirmation calls are an opportunity to make certain all issues are listed on the service request.

Number #3
Number #3

Third, we take care of missed appointment calls which will increase our show ratio to a consistent, 93%-95%.

Number #4
Number #4

Fourth, we increase RO count by calling out bound campaigns; decline, recall, 7-10 month no visit, inspections, sop, csi, etc.

Number #5
Number #5

Fifth, Sales to Service opportunities. Every Customer will be asked if they are interested in exchanging their vehicle for something new (14’ or older unless specified).

Number #6
Number #6

Sixth, anything else we can do to help increase CSI, RO and Vehicle Sales.


Sales $ Service

We provide a first class service to your customers who call and wanting to do business with your dealership. We assure that no call will go unanswered.
Our Consultancy

We will increase your show ratio up over 90% thereby increasing your RO count.

Service confirmation calls are an opportunity to make certain that all issues are listed on the service request. They are opportunity to up sell any recommended service, for time and/or mileage intervals increasing; to show rate, sales per visit and overall customer experience.

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