Frequently Asked Questions

Sales To Service is a portfolio of always-on adoption, and advisory services to help you achieve results faster. We're your guides to customer success and we've designed our services to help you realize the full potential of Sales To Service. Our consultants, experts, specialists, and tools set you up with personalized advice and best practices at every stage of your journey. Whatever your ambitions, Sales To Service is here to help you reach them. With the Sales To Service , you get:
● Always-on expertise from the people who know Sales To Service best
● Data-driven insights from our unique view into the cloud
● Design-led innovation to help you fully realize your vision and create experiences customers love

We recommend starting with a Premier Success Plan. With it, you get enhanced 24/7 product support, training resources, and expert advice — all the things that help your people adopt “Sales To Service” quickly, succeed, and boost ROI. Your Premier Plan also opens up access to the rest of the “Sales To Service” portfolio, from Accelerators to complex consulting engagements. To fully explore your options, and find which services are right for you, talk with the “Sales To Service” expert who best knows your business: your Account Executive or Success Manager.

Our services can help you reach your goals at every stage of your “Sales To Service” journey. “Goals” is the key word. What do you want to achieve? Let’s start there, and we'll guide you on your journey. 100% of our customers want full adoption by their teams and big, fast ROI, so we recommend Premier Success Plans to everyone. Beyond that, your ambitions and needs get more unique and individual — and so do our services.

We’re 100% dedicated to your success with “Sales To Service”, no matter how you define “success.” Do you want to help your team adopt “Sales To Service” and reach specific goals quickly? We can help. Do you need senior strategic or technical advice, or always-on defense against downtime? We can help. Do you have a complex business and need world-class experts to help plan and deliver your total transformation with “Sales To Service”? We can help do that and so much more. That’s what we do. That’s why we’re here.

We can kill two birds with one stone!

First we can help by getting you quality trades from customers already doing business with you increasing your front end sales! 

Second we can help you increase the amount of customers that do business with you on an every day basis!

By answering all your incoming service appointment calls, what we do is reconfigure your phone message and divert all customers wanting to schedule appointments to us. All calls are recorded both inbound and outbound.

"Press 1 to schedule an appointment for service - Press 2 for all other calls"

Without having to throw another rock while we wait to professionally handle those two situations that are, in my book, the most missed out opportunity there is to service the current customer the repeat referrals the higher grossing customers the easier to sale. 

We outbound dial on:

  • Declines
  • 7-10 month no service
  • Purchased never serviced
  • Currently due

Creating habits with your customers to do their services regularly and when they don’t they know they will get a call from us 🙂  We like to create the habit with the customer instead of relying on the customers habits. We target 7 & 10 month no visits, due now, due soon, expiring soon, over due, recently expired, and declined work. 

We also take advantage of the connection and go after the buy back / exchange opportunity creating opportunities for the Sales Department!

Our services will increase profit, there are no long term agreements, 30 days is an sufficient to be able to see the difference.

What’s your email??

 I’ll send you a proposal and some recordings of your current situation! As we know the inbound service call is the most over looked and mismanaged opportunity at the dealership. 

One of the results we're most proud of is our customer satisfaction rating. We're consistently rated within the 90th percentile by our customers. Also, many of our services have success metrics built into the deliverables, so you can directly see how “Sales To Service”  impacts your own business.


Our unmatched service and diverse kowledge have set us apart as the preferred dealer in the area. We can assist you and together we can get it done.