Do you have a Sales to Service Department?

Did you know 26% of customers hung up on hold?

What a massive waste of opportunity that came knocking at your door!

Time is money and a proven fact faster service equals higher customer satisfaction/retention.

What we do is schedule your sales to service appointments for you; decrease overhead expenses and increase bottom line profits along with maximize your sales to service opportunities. Think of us as your Sales to Service Department; answer all incoming service appointments, make outbound retention, CSI, 7-10 month no visit, decline, recall, and everyone we run into that has a 2/3 year or older vehicles we go after exchange opportunity.

As we know the inbound service call is the most over looked mismanaged opportunity at the dealership, we like to create the habit with the customer instead of relying on the customers habits. We target 7 month and 10 month no visits, due now, due soon, expiring soon, overdue, recently expired, decline, etc.

We also take advantage of the connection and go after the buyback / exchange opportunity creating opportunities for the Sales Department. Our services will increase profit, there are no long term agreements, 30 days is sufficient to be able to see the difference. What we do is reconfigure your phone message and divert all customers wanting to schedule appointments to us. All calls are recorded both inbound and outbound.